Website Development Services

Basic Website Package

Our basic website package is perfect for displaying information about your business, organization, or hobby. You get a professionally-done website, and we take care of all the start-up hassles.

Sure, you could go with the free build-your-own website deals commonly offered by portal websites. But then you'd have to put up with their banner ads. Do you really want someone else's diet-pill ad on your company's website?

We have put quite a bit of effort into tuning this package for the economically-inclined. Nevertheless, our deal offers both high quality and large quantity!

Below is a detailed description of our basic website package.


Here are some of the many features you get with our basic website package.

Quality... ...Quantity
Webpages 10
Scanned images 10
Customer-provided digital images 50 Mbytes (a very large number of images)
Graphics 10
Outside hyperlinks Yes!
Tables 10
Forms 2
Free monthly maintenance 30 minutes
Free submission to 8000+ search engines 1
Search engine meta-tag creation Yes!
Website counter Yes!
Free website administration software Yes!
Customer image-upload capability Yes!
Your own domain name (e.g., Yes!

Our time spent for the free monthly maintenance includes consulting, text, image, and graphics changes, website tuning, etc. Additional time is available at $60 per hour.


The table below breaks down the total cost of having our basic website for a two-year period. There are no hidden charges -- the bottom line in the table is all it costs.

Product or Service Term Price
Website design,
set-up, and installation
One-time fee $895
Web-hosting Two-year contract $325
One-time setup fee $50
Domain name Two-year contract $70
Two-year total: $1340

When spread out over two years, the total cost works out to be about $56 per month.

Please see the glossary below for an explanation of the terms used in the above table.


Website Design, Set-Up, and Installation
This service is provided directly by us at Cherry Websites. We are your single point of contact for all concerns about the website that you are hiring us to create. We'll work with you closely to define your website. You are responsible for providing us with photos or digital images of items you want us to include in the website design. We'll do the graphics and logo design if appropriate, scan photos or artwork that you provide, put together the website layout, custom develop any required website software, and install the website under the web-hosting account that we'll set up for you. This is what we do.

This service provides the hardware required to put your website on the internet. It includes operating state-of-the-art servers, redundant hard disks, high-speed modems, routers, and switches, maintaining the facility where this hardware in installed, leasing 24/7 open, high-bandwidth internet connections, and even backing up your data. Cherry Websites has an affiliation with a reputable, but inexpensive third-party vendor for hosting our basic websites.

Domain Name
This is a unique internet name that you must reserve in the domain-name registry in order have exclusive rights to it. Typically names like,, or are commonly used, although other extensions are now available. Since many of the shorter domain names are already taken, our customers must be resourceful in coming up with a longer name for their business that is not too long or hard to key in. Cherry Websites has an affiliation with Network Solutions for domain-name registration services. They offer "com", "net", and "org" domains for the nominal charge of $70 for a two-year term per domain name.

Website Administration Software
This is our own Webtoolz™ software, which enables you to perform a number of website maintenance services. It is executed from within any internet browser and it is password-protected for the security of your website. Using Webtoolz, you make webpage-content changes, check or reset a website counter, upload images, remove temporary files, and even change your password. Because it is web-based software, you can run it from anywhere there's an internet computer available.